Feb 022013

The LIFE SYSTEM and the Indigo Biofeedback System – also known as the QXCI, SCIO and EPFX biofeedback technology are similar. We have extensive experience with both systems as brokers, trainers and therapists.

These systems utilize principles of quantum physics and have numerous tests and therapies that include bioresonance and quantum biofeedback. These biofeedback / bioresonance systems both use a power box for a harness that attaches to head, wrists, and ankles. They require a computer in which software is loaded and continually updated. These systems are designed for stress management through biofeedback communication to the subconscious. Their approach addresses the person holistically, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As a result of decreased stress levels, the body has the capacity to take charge in regulating body functions and self-balancing.

We have had extensive experience with both biofeedback programs, as therapists and trainers. The LIFE System is newer, designed with continuity in mind for users and is functionally more stable. The LIFE System is appropriate for professional and personal use to maintain energetic balance and well-being. Clients whom have experienced both systems have commented that since moving to using The LIFE System, they feel the energy is clearer and faster, positive results from their session.

Life System
Level of computer Skills required
Basic to Intermediate
Intermediate to Advanced
FDA Registration
Learning Level
Windows Vista, 7  Compatible
$24,000 + training

* the EPFX is no longer registered with the FDA in its current form.

Want to check out the beautiful interface of the LIFE System and hear the benefits that we have experienced in our biofeedback practice? Sign up for a free demo.

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