• Allan Schulte, PhD

    Executive Director
    Allan Schulte

    Allan Schulte, Executive Director of Lotus Stress Relief Center, LLC is one of the leaders in the field of energetic medicine in the United States and globally. Seeing the need for cutting edge applications of complementary medicine, Mr. Schulte founded Quantum Wellness Center in 2000. and Lotus Stress Relief in 2008. Mr. Schulte studied and […]

  • Marcia Schulte

    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Marcia Schulte

    Marcia is the Office Manager and Director of Communications. She has an undergraduate degree from Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio, and a master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. She has a background in education and communications and also does health care writing and medical editing. She has been a facilitator for A […]

  • Evan Schulte

    Head Trainer and Biofeedback Practitioner
    Evan Schulte

    Evan Schulte is a skilled biofeedback practitioner who works energetically to relieve stress from physical and emotional blockages. She has completed advanced training for Human Growth, Development and Recovery to help clear physical and emotional trauma held in our energetic memory. This helps achieve emotional freedom and physical wellness on the deepest levels. Evan is […]

  • Sabina Neal

    Sales Coordinator

    Sabina Neal is our sales coordinator for LIFE System sales here at LOTUS Stress Relief. She arranges live online demos for the LIFE System, answers your questions relating to your purchase and sends you the sales information. She also connects purchasers with our leasing agents and follows your sale through with tracking numbers and invoicing. […]